Perlite has many applications in the construction industry. Please see the residential construction applications in The Perlite House.

Commercial Construction applications are quite broad as well. Please note that Perlite is permanent, rodent proof, non-toxic, non-flammable and asbestos free. Perlite will not compact or lose insulating value.

Thanks to its tremendous versatility when it comes to construction, many developers, general contractors and DIY homeowners choose to buy perlite online when it comes time for a project. Perlite keeps costs within budget and provides numerous returns on a single investment. Best of all, it can be used to a superior degree in virtually all aspects of construction, including:

  • Chimney liners
  • Plaster aggregate
  • Tape joint compound
  • Insulating concrete
  • Masonry loose fill
  • Cement stucco
  • Fireproof insulation
  • Aggregate for cast stone
  • Texture for paint and plaster
  • Cultured marble
  • Ceiling tile
  • Sub-slab insulation

Perlite is the universal product to be trusted when it comes to the above applications and beyond, and can be used in both residential and commercial applications. Its inclusion within a project adds strength, stability and texture in a way that’s simply unachievable by other materials!

Another great reason to buy perlite for construction purposes is thanks to its longevity and sustainability. This material will stand up to the test of time and rigors of a construction project, to lend itself to the finished product for as long as it stands.

To learn more about why perlite is so trusted within the construction industry or to inquire about buying perlite for your next development or project, please contact Persolite Products today at 719-784-6531.

Concrete Masonry Unit Insulation

Concrete Masonry Unit Insulation improves the thermal performance of CMU walls with perlite fill.

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Light Weight, Insulating Concrete

Combining perlite with concrete creates a superior fire rating, lightweight durable surface for roof decks and decorative veneer stone.

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Fire Resistant, Lightweight, Insulating, Concrete Roof Decks

Often perlite is mixed with concrete to form concrete roof decks. There are a number of benefits to include fire resistance, light weight to reduce structural loads, and perlite concrete has better thermal performance than standard concrete roofs.

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Lightweight Green Roofs

With green roofs - roofs with plants growing on them -, perlite is great for all the reasons mentioned in “Horticultrual Perlite” (Link this) but also because it reduces the weight and structural load requirements of the building.

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Textured Coatings and Plasters

stucco and plaster artisans use perlite to create unique textures and old world plasters.

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Simulated Stone, Brick and Wood

Perlite is often used in the mixtures for simulated stone, brick and wood. It lightens the product for transportation, installation and load. Perlite also increases its insulation value and reduces costs of manufacturing the products.

Simulated Stone Masonry Wood Products Lightweight Formed Products

Lightweight Fiber Reinforced Perlite Cement Plasters

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Architectural, Acoustical, Insulating, Fireproofing sprays and coatings

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Perlite vs Air Cell Concrete or Cellular Concrete

Cellular concrete is made with petrochemical based foaming agents that break down with UV light rays. Perlite withstands UV light as it is volcanic glass.

Slab insulation

Perlite as below slab insulation to reduce thermal conduction to the ground especially in heating climates and humid climates. This reduces heat loss but also reduces the potential for condensation on the slab reducing the potential for mold growth

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Lightweight Tile Mortars

in its finer granules, perlite can be used as a filler to lighted tile mortars.

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Insulated concrete for in ground vinyl pools

Heated pools lose a tremendous amount of heat through the ground. Perlite is used to insulate the pools and reduce energy costs.

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Chimney Lining and Insulation

because perlite is fire proof, it makes an excellent chimney liner and insulation product.

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