Pipe Insulation

perlite is often used to insulate pipes in the ground that carry steam, heated liquids, etc.

Cryogenic, Foundries and Refractories

For the same reasons Perlite is used to line Chimneys, it is used as an insulator in extreme temperature industrial applications.

Services High Temp Applications

Polymers, Elastomers, Paints, Fillers, Adhesives:

Fine grades of perlite work well as fillers for paints, adhesives and mortars.

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Perlite is used in storm water drains, oil fields, aquarium filters, pool filters, breweries, juice processing, pharma processing, chemical processing, and many other industries for filtration. Finer grain perlite is used to filter many substances as they will cling to the irregular shapes of perlite.

Water Quality Filtration

Hazmat Clean Up

Clean up oil, gas and diesel spills. These chemicals cling to the perlite granules making clean up much easier. Garages use perlite for spills.

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More Unique Uses

  • Egg incubation Perlite is used to keep eggs at a more constant temperature for incubation.
  • Horse Stall Bedding
  • Barbeques and Pizza Ovens
  • Kilns
  • Cat litter replacement


  • Weight reduction
  • Shrink and/or crack resistance
  • Water and/or air permeability
  • Low volume-based cost compared to binders and some other fillers
  • Whiteness
  • Machinability & ease of sanding
  • Flexural strength modification
  • Very fine texture in coatings
  • Elimination of gloss and sheen
  • Pigment extension (aluminum in asphalt roof coatings, for example)
  • Inertness and non-toxicity
  • Improvement of physical properties at cryogenic temperatures